Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Significance of Swiftlet's Nest Color

There are many ways to differentiate swiftlet's nest but the most easy and the most basic one is by color.
Different color means different taste and price. There are 3 group of color : yellow, white and red.
The difference in color happenned because of the place where the swiftlet make their nest.

Yellow Swiftlet Bird's Nest

Cultivated from a cave with high hummidity. Swiftlet's farmer will go to a cave and harvest their nest.
It all happen naturally. You can find swiftlet nest in a cave with high air hummidity.  Because of the
environment where there are many dust or mineral, the nest absorbed it and that's why it color became
beige or near brown color.

White Swiftlet Bird's Nest

White nest or usually called Noble Bird's Nest means the swiftlet build it nest in the house. Swiftlet's farmer built a house and set the
house condition like the cave to make the swiftlet build their nest in the house. Of course house is cleaner
than cave and it also means less dust. A cleaner environment make the nest more white because of less
impurities absorbed by the nest.

Red Swiftlet Bird's Nest

Red nest or usually called Blood nest. Before a scientific explanation can be made, people believe the nest
became red is because the mother swiftlet has to built their house several times until their saliva became blood.
As a result, their blood combined with their saliva make the nest red hence it's nickname Blood Nest.

Recently, the scientist found that the nest became red is because of chemical reaction among
oxygen, iron and hummidity which result in rust. Humidity also stimulates the rust to be absorbed into the nest making them reddish brown.
Of course the red nest is safe to consume. In fact, before scientific explanation can be made,
many people rated the red nest as the supreme delicacy of all bird's nest which make it the most
expensive of all.

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