Monday, September 17, 2012

3 Type of Harvest

If you have a swiftlet's house and it's near harvest time. You will be smiling and
said in your heart "Yay!! Almost harvest time". Or if you don't have a swiftlet's house,
thinks as if you're about to get your salary. It's a very good feeling right?

Okay, get to serious. There are certain condition for swiftlet's farmer to harvest their
nest. If you make a mistake, there is a chance the swiftlet will leave your house and
find another place to make a nest. To prevent such thing to happen, the farmer need to know certain
technique or pattern and time to harvest. Now, there are 3 type of harvesting based on
your needs:

1) Plundering
This type of harvesting is executed after the nest is finished but the swiftlet haven't
lay any eggs yet. This way, you can get good quality of nest because of less unwanted material
and shorter time between harvest. This way of harvest give you more production in a year than
any other way. But there are several weakness of this type of harvest, there are no new egg means
no new swiftlet's in your house and this way you can make the swiftlet became sick because they didn't
get any rest and must make new nest immediately. Not only that, it can make the next nest became small
and thin because the swiftlet became exhausted. Use this type of harvest if you are in need of money or
there are too much swiftlet in your house.

2) Harvesting with throwing away the eggs
This type of harvest is executed after the swiftlet made their nest and lays two of their eggs.
You take the eggs and throw it, after that you can take the nest. This way of harvest have one advantage
than the previous that is you can harvest 4 times a year and you can get good quality in all of harvest
because there are sufficient time for swiftlet to replenish their strength before built a new nest.
But since you throw away their eggs, it means there are no new swiftlet in you house.

3) Harvesting after Incubation
This type of harvest is executed after swiftlet's eggs hatched and could fly on their own.
Even though this is the best way for harvesting but this way the nest quality became low because
the nest already contaminated from swiftlet's  children feces and feather. On the bright side,
the swiftlets can breed peacefully and increase the population. Use this way if
you need to increase your swiftlet population in your house.

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