Friday, September 28, 2012

Swiftlet Enemies

Swiftlet needs a safe and comfortable environment to make their nest. Let's think like this,
will you buy a house in a high criminality neighbourhood or in a very dirty neighbourhood?
Swiftlet also think like this.

They will not built their nest in a place where their natural enemies
can be found. So, for swiftlet's farmer, you better watch out if you met these animals in your swiftlet's house.

1) Rats

This type of enemies eat swiftlet eegs, their children even their nest. Not only that, rats also make noises that disturb swiftlet. Their pee and feces also made the environment uncomfortable for swiftlet.

To prevent this from happenning, you must do 3 thing:
- Close all holes you can find.
- Throw away all trash you can find and always keep it clean.
- Pay more attention to unused wood, never forget to throw it away because rats like to make their nest there.

2) Ants

Ants, especially fire ants will bit and try to eat swiftlet's children.
Not only that they will also disturb swiftlet when it laying their egg.
If you found ants in your swiftlet's house, you better kill it fast.
One of the method to do it is by using bait.

Use raw meat to attract the ants so that when the ants swarming the bait,
Pour hot water to the bait. It will kill all the ants. And for insurance,
you can try to find their nest and pour hot water to there too.

3) Cockroach

This type of insect can be found at almost every house. Even though in any house they
are quite harmless, in swiftlet's house they are quite a problem. Cockroach will eat
swiftlet's nest and make it damaged.

To solve this kind of problem, you better spray some insecticide and remember to
always cleaning your swiftlet's house. Throw away all the junk you have to make sure
that there are no hiding place in the house so that no cockroach can evade your insecticide.

4) Lizard and Gecko.

This animals not only eat swiftlet's egg but also their nest. Lizard can even eat
swiftlet's children. Not only that, their feces can polute the room and increase room
temperature and as a result disturb swiftlet tranquility.

For this type of enemies, you can only tried to capture every lizard and gecko you fidn
and throw them outside. After that make sure that there are a net on every drainage to
make sure that only water can get in or get out.

Cricle your swiftlet's house and close every
hole you can find that you didn't use. Also make sure the outside wall is slippery so no lizard
or gecko can climb their way in.

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