Sunday, October 28, 2012

Swiftlet House Thief

Security is one of our main concern in everyday life. We must feel safe before we can do anything else. Can you work if you know your building can collapse at any moment or your house doors broken and you live in dangerous neighborhood? We can't concentrate working,right? Now,the real question is how about swiftlet?

Swiftlet is like human, they must feel safe before they build their nest. Their nest is a place where they leave their children, so swiftlet choose the place very carefully. If you want to know about swiftlet natural enemies, you can read about it in HERE.

What I want to talk about is your swiftlet house security. Let's not even mention how many dollars you will lose if a thief visit your swiftlet house but how your swiftlet feels. Thiefs will not tried to take it peacefully, they will take it roughly and as they pleased. Not only that, because thief usually came in night where your swiftlet sleeping. The only way for them to rob you is to take the nest while waking up your swiftlet.

This will stressed your swiftlet greatly. Picture this, you got home and you found out that your house has been robbed or you got home and then someone came with a gun taking everything you have while you can only watch. Which is more traumatic? I think it will be the later. There are many stories about a swiftlet house got robbed and then the swiftlet left the house never came back.

Beware, a crime did not happen just because there are a motive but it also can happen because someone saw an opportunity.

To prevent thief from entering swiftlet house you can build a higher wall surrounding your swiftlet house with approximately 4 m height and use barbed wire, glass shards and eletricity. This will keep your swiftlet house safe for most thief.

A very determined thief will tried to dig tunnel to your swiftlet house. Yep, you didn't read wrong. There are some cases where the thief dig a tunnel to your swiftlet house, with this he can get past your wall. To counter this, some people use stone and cement to solidify the floor, others use more extreme measure which using steel plates all over the floor.

But the best defense is your neighborhood. Every time you harvest your swiftlet nest, use some of that money for your community. Build something or host something, anything to show that you are grateful to them for their help making you success. With this, they will help you guard your swiftlet house in case of thief because they will lose something too if you get robbed.

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