Sunday, October 14, 2012

Swiftlet's Nest Benefit Myth or Not?

In the chinese history, it is said only the king and it's nobles can eat swiftlet's nest. The reason is because it can help enhancing your health, treat various diseases, increase your regeneration after sickness and even prolong your life.

After a little research, I can't find a complete report regarding the use of swiftlet's nest in medicine (if you find one, hope you can be kindful and share it with us). So, I tried to read other's people article and hope they can provide me with more insight.

Anyway, there's a rumour in Indonesia (which supply 70% demand of swiftlet's nest in the world) that in recent research in USA, French, and Japan using bio modern technology or whatever state of the art you are using for checking something biologically.

The research state that there are only common vitamins, proteins in swiftet's nest. Not only that, in fact
you can find the same nutritions in fish. I already tried to find the real report, but so far i can't found it so I can't say it's only a rumor or a true research.

From another source, they said the swiftlet's nest contain the Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF proven by a German chemist, Emilfischer.

EGF is able to stimulate the fission and propagation of various cells, promote cell divison, repair skin damage speedily and bring about the healing of wounds caused by surgery and injuries. It affects the fineness and ageing of human skin and it motivates ageing skin, rejuvenating it and bringing back for it's luster and elacity.

And from HERE, also said almost the same thing. That the swiftlet's nest contain a EGF that used for ageing resistance.  He even post that swiftlet's nest contains aspartic aicd, glutamic acid, praline, threonine and valine that can facilitate normal body functions such as cell repair and promote immunity.
But he also said that it's still not yet to be conclusively proven and need furthere studies.

Don't know which one is true, i mean i will looks like an idiot if i eat a swiftlet's nest only to found out i can have the same nutritions if i buy a fish. But it looks like the part that swiftlet's nest contains EGF is true.

What do you think? Will you eat a swiftlet's nest or just go buy a bunch of fish?


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