Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crystal Pear Stewed with Bird's Nest

- 6g white Nest
- 1 Crystal Pear
- 10 pcs Fructus lycii
- 4g Rock sugar
- 180g water.

1. Soak the bird's nest for 45 minutes until it becomes loose.
2. Cleanse and get rid of any foreign matter, strain dry.
3. Soak the Fructus Lycii to soften them.
4. Cut off the top of the Crystal Pear and remove the core.
5. Boil the rock sugar in the water until the rock sugar dissolves completely.
6. Add in the Fructus Lycii before covering with the top of the pear which has been removed.
7. Add in the bird's nest.
8. Stew it for 15 minutes.

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